Woody End – Teignmouth, Devon

Modern insulation interleaved within the structure of a roof can help open up loft spaces and create roomy interiors. This project in Teignmouth extended an existing property, creating a luxurious kitchen and dining space, punctuated with painted glulam king post trusses.

This commission was to manufacture and supply a pair of traditional kingpost trusses and associated ridge beams. A very simple project for us to fulfil and as the glulam was to be painted once installed on-site there was no finishing for us to do in the workshop. Once in place, the beams were painted as part of the interior decoration – primed, undercoated and finished in satinwood. Even though the beams were decorated, a white finish is often a good way to soften the impact of any exposed, large structural timbers.

We can supply a range of finishes with our glulam, from a nearly clear oil with a white tint, through to fully opaque white oil, stain, stained varnish and paint finishes.


  • Project: Roof trusses for kitchen and diner
  • Commission: Design, manufacture, supply and installation.
  • Engineer: Nichols Basker Partnership
  • Timber: Spruce
  • Fixings: Painted/stained white
  • Cost (approx): £50 per square metre for engineering design and manufacture.