Imported glulam beams

Unloading glulam beams

At Buckland, we regularly import standard sized spruce glulam from our partners in Germany. Because we order large quantities monthly, we offer contractors the opportunity to take advantage of lower costs by adding their requirements to our order.

This service is provided on a four-to-six-week lead time, and we advise cut-off dates and prices for orders well in advance to our straight beam customer mailing list to give them plenty of planning time.

Our glulam beam stock

Standard sizes available to order (see SPRUCE table at the bottom of this page).

Alternative dimensions can always be planed down from the size above and included in the order if you wish.

Prices are lower for non-visual beams or for large orders above 20m³ and exclude VAT & delivery. We confirm delivery price on receipt of your beam list but as always if you have any questions pick up the phone and speak to Tasha on 01363 891 363.

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Spruce beam size table
imported glulam straight beams 4
imported glulam straight beams 2