What is CLT?

Cross Laminated Timber is wood panel products made from glueing together layers of solid-sawn timber. They are commonly used in construction projects for large-scale floor or wall panels. During manufacture, each layer of timber is oriented perpendicular to the adjacent layer and bonded together with glue

Regular timber is an anisotropic material, meaning that the physical properties change depending on the direction at which the force is applied. By glueing layers of wood at right angles together, you can achieve higher levels of structural rigidity (in both directions).

CLT is similar to plywood but with distinctively thicker laminations (or lamellae). Typical panel sizes are 100, 140 or 200mm in thickness, made up of layers of 20 to 40mm laminations.

Panels are made to order and machined so that they are delivered to site ready to install (with holes for fixings and services already in place). CLT is available up to 3.2m wide by 20m in length, but smaller sizes are available.

One of our more recent projects that used CLT was part of a new build project at a school in Salisbury

CLT roof panels being installed

If are considering CLT for a project and need some technical advice contact Robin at Buckland Timber by email: robin@bucklandtimber.co.uk or by telephone on 01363 891 363.