Glulam Beam Design

Technical, structural and engineering services – for home, commercial and industrial-sized projects. Everything from a beam and column, to a bridge.

We have an in-house design team of three structural engineers and are practised in taking projects from concept to completion. We’re happy to come in at any stage of the design process – anywhere from a ‘back of an envelope’ sketch through to complete structural or architectural drawings.

We’re always glad to provide free preliminary advice – in the first instance, you can email outline drawings, phone us or arrange a visit to our workshop.

We recognise that often buildings are not designed ‘in one hit’ and that a level of development and change is often required to successfully meet a clients’ desires.

Our engineers have multiple daily contacts with the carpenters, glulam and steel fabricators, allowing constant feedback between the design consultants and makers. This means we have developed a range of glulam connection solutions that are both cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing.

We’re often able to suggest alternatives or value engineer existing designs to a budget.

We produce calculations reports suitable for Building Control- this ranges from a simple ridge beam calculation through to 3D analysis of complex geometrical structures.

Drawings are carried out on Autocad-based software – the usual approach is to issue general arrangement plans, sections and details for approval, prior to making individual member drawings or CNC files for fabrication.

We carry £5M PI insurance and are used to coordinating with other subcontractor design packages such as steel fabricators or glazing suppliers.

Glulam design blueprint
The team sketching a glulam design
A glulam design sketched in a notepad

Visit our glulam span tables and strength grades page by clicking here

Glulam strength grades table

If you are about to embark on a project where you are considering using glulam and need a few questions answered or want some technical advice, please feel free to get in touch.

robin nicholson

Contact Robin Nicholson:

Robin is the Managing Director of Buckland Timber, a Chartered Structural Engineer with approaching two decades of experience in structural engineering and design – specifically with timber, along with his knowledge of building and traditional construction methods and materials.

Telephone: 01363 891 363

keith o ceallaigh

Contact Keith O Ceallaigh:

Keith – is a graduate of Edinburgh Napier University. As our Technical Manager, Keith has extensive knowledge of both the structural design of glulam buildings coupled with the technical aspects associated with glulam manufacture and logistics of installation.

Telephone: 01363 891 363