Our Story

Buckland Timber is the largest manufacturer of glulam in the UK.

At our home in Devon, our team of designers, structural engineers, project managers, carpenters and joiners all work under one roof to design, manufacture and install bespoke glulam structures.

We provide glulam for the broadest range of project needs, from a single beam to the design, manufacture and installation of equestrian sized arenas.

If you are considering glulam for a project, give us a call and a Buckland Timber engineer or designer will be delighted to chat over your ideas with you.

Company History

Buckland Timber Ltd was established in 2012. The partnership was set up by Bill Blight and Ralph and Robin Nicholson with the purpose of producing a British grown and manufactured alternative to glulam imported from Europe.

Bill Blight ran a small sawmill at Buckland Wood, North Devon until the late 1990s, and it’s this link that gave our company its name, Buckland Timber. We have used larch timber from Buckland Wood which Bill claims to have planted in the 1960s. Long-term planning indeed!

Our Managing Director, Robin Nicholson, has a background as a structural engineer and project manager prior to starting Buckland Timber. This experience enabled the company to develop a turnkey design, manufacture and install service, utilising both the British grown and imported timber as appropriate to the project.

Over the years, we have developed into a team of designers and makers with a unique capacity for the in-house design and manufacture of bespoke glue-laminated timber in the UK.

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