Harris + Hoole – Stanstead Airport, London

A complex glulam framework forms a dynamic lattice ceiling for the artisan coffee house at Stansted Airport. The framework spills out of the structure and offers a warm, natural, yet slightly futuristic space to relax in.

In recent years, the regularity of commissions where glulam plays an important part in a commercial interior, shop or restaurant has been on the increase.

Glulam is such a versatile construction material – it can be shaped, formed and manipulated into complex curved elements, joined with hidden or exposed fixings and finished in a wide variety of colours and textures. In its natural form, glulam offers a beautiful highlight to any interior whilst ensuring it offers recognised structural integrity.


• Client: Harris + Hoole – Stanstead Airport, London.

• Commission: Engineering design, manufacture and installation.

• Project: Commercial coffee shop and café.

• Architect: Path Design Ltd.

• Timber: British grown Larch.

• Fixings: Secret fixings – Simpson tie systems.

• Finish: Satin varnish / treated with fire retardant.

This installation is one of a number carried out within the UK’s international airports. We’re very aware of the restrictions and challenges that this kind of project demands. As well as airports, we have experience in working in exhibition venues, hospitals, schools and universities.

Harris + Hoole - Stansread Airport, London
Harris + Hoole - Stansread Airport, London