We are the only CE certified UK glulam manufacturer. Every piece of glue laminated timber that we manufacture is sampled and tested to ensure its quality is consistent and that its structural integrity is guaranteed to a level specified for each project.

Buckland Timber carries CE certification for the manufacture of structural glue-laminated timber. We have detailed processes and procedures in place to ensure that all beams manufactured by us achieve the required standards. Any structural material supplied to the construction industry is required to have CE certification.

The Timber Research Development Association (TRADA) assess our manufacture and testing procedures via twice-yearly audits to verify that we are conforming to our Declaration of Performance (DoP).

The DoP provides information on the performance of our products and records the standards to which they are manufactured (BS EN 14080).

A copy of Buckland Timber’s declaration of performance is available for download by clicking here.

Please view the FSC® Core Labour Requirements Policy Statement by clicking here.

Exeter Cathedral - Buckland Timber refurbishment

Responsible Timber Sourcing

The timber we use comes from responsibly managed forests.

FSC® certified products available upon request.


Buckland Timber is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Chain of Custody certified, click here to download a copy of our FSC certificate.

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Buckland Timber are PEFC (Programme for the endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) Chain of Custody certified, click here to download a copy of our PEFC certificate.

Buckland Timber manufacture GL24h glulam from imported timber and GL20h glulam from home grown UK timber. Other strength grades are available on request.

Buckland Timber – Structural Glulam Manufacturing

TimberWhitewoodRedwood PineBritish Larch
Scientific namePicea abiesPinus sylvestrisLarix kaempferi
Strength ClassGL24hGL24hGL20h

Note: We can readily import grades between GL24h – GL32h as needed

The characteristic values for GL20h to GL32h glulam are listed in the table below (N/mm2 unless noted otherwise).

If you have any questions about glulam contact Keith at Buckland Timber by email: keith@buckland.co.uk or by telephone on 01363 891 363.


From forest to factory, we follow a quality assurance process that ensures at every stage of our procurement, design, manufacture and installation process we are confident that the materials we use are sustainable and that the products we manufacture are always fit for purpose – sampled and tested, ensuring our glulam performs with the inherent structural integrity that our clients demand.