Meet the team – Lisa Pryce, Peter Haley and Peter Theobald



We love welcoming new people into the Buckland Timber team. New ideas and fresh perspectives keep a business moving forward, so we’re delighted to have found these good ones.

Lisa Pryce joined the estimate and project management team in January. As a real people person with lots of experience, it feels like she’s been with us for much longer.

Successful businesses need their numbers people. We count ourselves fortunate to have found Peter Haley, who’s been busy oiling the accountancy and finance wheels behind the scenes since February.

And in May, we welcomed Peter Theobald as an estimator and project manager. Just like lots of our timber, he’s ‘locally sourced’ – Devonshire born and bred.

Here we ask our newest team members a few questions to get to know them better.

Can you tell us about your background experience and qualifications?

Peter T: Like Buckland Timber, my background is in carpentry and joinery. I hold two practical qualifications (Level 2 NVQs in Site Carpentry and Joinery), along with further qualifications in construction and built environment (NVQ Level 3 and HNC). But I feel I’ve learned most over the last 13 years ‘on the tools’ working on build projects.

Lisa: My background is in civil engineering. I spent ten years working in the public sector in London, mainly in transport infrastructure. I like making a difference, so I loved one of my projects creating new public spaces for people to enjoy away from city traffic. Varied, exciting and meaningful.

Peter H: I worked at a chartered accountancy firm for eight years, before moving into business and working as finance director for a manufacturing company. Over the last 20 years, I’ve run an independent practice, supporting businesses with all things accountancy.

Why did you decide to go into this industry? 

Peter T: I was always fascinated by making things from timber. My dad was a local builder, so my school holidays were often spent on building sites seeing people’s homes take shape.

But my early employment took me away from this passion. I naturally worked hard and, as can often happen, found myself in a management role. Though in my early thirties, I ‘took the plunge’ and changed careers. I decided to start at the bottom, working as an apprentice over the next six years. And… here I am now!

Lisa: As a civil engineer, you get to see what you’ve done in a real and physical way. I like to see the fruits of my labour and I’m passionate about protecting our environment. Here at Buckland, it feels good to be part of making sustainable beautiful buildings for people to enjoy looking at and using.

What does your job involve?

Peter H: All things finance and accountancy. In terms of the Buckland projects, I contribute to the costing and funding side of things.

Peter T: For me it’s about helping, first and foremost. I work with customers and designers from enquiry to the end build. I assist and advise the client, designers and main contractor on the planning and installation of their project.

Lisa: I receive enquiries from prospective clients on all sorts of different glulam and CLT projects. Some of them are only at the concept phase and they need a general idea of price.  Others are fully designed and they’re ready to get their order in.

Most people don’t know much about glulam or CLT, so a lot of my job involves answering questions and letting people know what their options are. It’s about meeting people where they’re at.

(see our blog should I use CLT or glulam for my building project)

What’s a favourite project you’ve worked on?

Lisa: This is a difficult question to answer because they’re are all so different. One stand-out project (literally) was a fully CLT house on stilts in Shropshire – it was such an innovative design.  The other would be a huge cycle canopy at a university with a sedum roof.

I love it when potentially run-of-the-mill structures are made into beautiful features! That’s what Buckland do and what I get to be part of.

Peter T: I’ve just joined the team, but I was lucky enough to spend the last five years as a specialist supplier and advisor to Buckland. If I had to choose one project that stands out to me, it’s the UK Hardwoods building because of the local sourced Devonshire timber – it can all be traced to a 27-mile radius of where I live and work!

I’m a very proud Devonian if you hadn’t guessed, so can’t wait get involved in more like this!

(see more on the locally grown story of Buckland here)

What skills do you use in your work? 

Peter T:
When I’m estimating, I review information, drawings and specs to price up the build. When managing a project, I help coordinate the required design work and materials, making sure the client gets what they need, when they need it.

And of course, I cover the day-to-day essentials of drinking tea, making coffee, phoning people… and probably writing too much detail in my emails!

Lisa: There are so many moving parts in manufacture and construction, so clients need me to stay on top of things. I think the main skills are being diligent, keeping records and remembering to follow up on customer questions and concerns… often before they even come up.

Peter H: Most of the time I’m working behind the scenes. If the accountants do their job well, Buckland can crack on with their projects knowing everything is in place, without money in the right places things can grind to a halt pretty fast!

What are the best and worst things about the job? 

Peter T:
I love the variety of interesting homes, buildings or designs and playing my part in them becoming reality.

‘The worst’ is a tricky one to answer.  My job is great… but I guess I’ve realised I’ll probably never own a building as beautiful as the ones I help to get built!

Lisa: It’s fulfilling to be with a company working sustainably and producing beautiful products.  I’m also very thankful to work part-time in a stimulating job – this is not something easy to find and reflects the great values of the company.

The challenges are common to many roles. I’m a bit of a people pleaser, so any unavoidable delays are tricky because you always want the best for your clients.

What do you like doing in your spare time? 

Peter H: In my spare time, I run with Honiton Running Club, swim, kayak and paddleboard with my wife and daughter. I’m a keen mountain bike rider and ride all over the country, entering South West Enduro competitions.

Peter T: Did I mention I like Devon? I’m happy when I’m outdoors and in wild places hiking, camping and bouldering. But I’m just as content at home with my family with the wood burner on and a nice single malt.

Lisa: I love getting outdoors. You’ll find me (or can try!) hiking somewhere away from the noise of the city.  I also enjoy playing tennis, cycling and paddleboarding… and if I’m not playing, I’ll be watching football and tennis matches with my two boys.

We all enjoy a Friday night pizza and movie night. I’m sure there are others with me on this one.

We always aim to hire the person we think is best for the team and think these three are settling in nicely – feel free to get in touch if you have any questions for them!

lisa pryce buckland timber

Lisa Pryce

peter haley buckland timber

Peter Haley

peter theobald buckland timber

Peter Theobald