Meet the Team: Lajos Varga



How long have you been working for Buckland and what do you do?

I’m a carpenter and I’ve been working at Buckland Timber for nearly seven years, but I’ve been a carpenter for 34 years.  

Do you have specific qualifications for your job? 

I went to college in Romania, where I’m from and got my carpentry qualification and straight after that I started working in a furniture factory. 

Why did you decide to go into this industry? 

I got into carpentry because I wanted to make unique things with wood. I grew up in a little village in Romania in the countryside and my parents taught me to appreciate nature. 

Before I worked at Buckland Timber, I worked with furniture and kitchens. This is the first time I’ve worked with wood at this size. This was very interesting for me. When you work with kitchens, 2mm matters. On this scale, you don’t have to be precise to the nearest 2mm. 

What does your job involve?

When I first start on a project, I read all the plans and visualise what it all looks like and think about all the connections. I like to plan things step-by-step on a daily basis. It’s work with your hands and your brain. 

What’s a favourite project you’ve worked on?

It was a conservatory in London – Hertfordshire House. A very big and challenging job with complicated and unique connections. Challenging jobs are the best. 

Hertfordshire House

What skills do you use in your work?

I have a lot of experience with problem-solving and seeing a project through from beginning to end. You have to be good with measurements. Practically, I use tools and equipment like the forklift, the chop saw for cutting the beams, steel connections and drill presser.

What are the best things about the job?  

It is always challenging and love to work with natural wood. The team are great so I always get help if I need it and I like to offer my help to others, sharing my knowledge and teaching them. It’s a good company and Robin is a good boss.  

What is the worst thing?

I don’t speak English very well and it’s hard to learn as you get older. I wish I was better, but it works in the factory. A plan is the same in every language. 

What do you like doing in your spare time? 

I like travelling. After lockdown, first I’ll visit my parents and brothers in Hungary. My wife, Eva, and I also like to visit new places in the UK. We like Bath, Bristol and Cardiff.  

Lajos Varga