Glulam Expertise: how you can strengthen your business’s services with Buckland

Buckland’s full service supports your glulam project from design through to installation – our team of designers, engineers and carpenters help turn your thoughts into reality.

Even with all the experience we have, it is rare for us to work on a project which doesn’t involve other partners. From architects to engineers, project management to contractors, the projects we work on are often complex and the success of each project relies not just on what we do, but how we work with others.

One of the partners we have worked with for some time now is Able Canopies Ltd. It’s grown into a partnership both of us are proud of, so we grabbed the opportunity to speak to Christine Baines and Jack Johnson about partnering with Buckland…

Back in 2005, Able Canopies CEO Mark Wood saw the opportunity to improve outdoor weather protection solutions. Could underused outdoor spaces be transformed by constructing canopies and shelters that are safe, stylish and built to last?

Cue innovation, creative design, and quality installation.

Two decades on and they are covering (pun intended) education, healthcare, retail and hospitality sectors. And, you guessed it, a key part of their business now involves glulam.

Who are you, what is your company and what do you do?

We design, manufacture, and install safe and stylish weather protection solutions including canopies and shelters. We help the education, hospitality, leisure retail and healthcare sectors maximise the use of their outside area all year round.

How did you find us?

Back in 2013, an employee came across Buckland Timber and suggested them as the solution we were looking for. We found they could supply exactly what we needed and they’ve been our main glulam supplier ever since.

Why does working with Buckland Timber ‘work?’

For us, it’s all about service, but they’re more than just our supplier.

They’re experts and have incredible knowledge of materials and manufacturing. They provide their design, which is a massive benefit when working on larger projects. This includes guidance on designs that optimise Glulam for external use, or key information on Glulam maintenance and repair.

You can’t work alone in our industry and you make a mistake if you try to. Working with Buckland Timber has become a partnership. When we go to our customers, we’re confident in the quality of the Glulam, and the project design… and we’ll have everything we need right on time.

“Buckland is helpful with our questions and can often meet requirements for even the most complicated designs.”

Can you tell us about some joint projects?

The team are great to work with on both smaller and more complicated projects. We use Buckland Timber Glulam for our Tarnhow Timber Canopy Range.

Glulam offers flexibility, letting us create straight or curved designs. We both share a love for stylish design which sets the construction apart as a beautiful feature. Timber always does this!

I love the project at Northam Farm, Holiday Park. It’s one of our largest at twelve metres long. It shows the beautiful look of the timber, how the contemporary look fits in with the traditional building, and how the Glulam was perfect for the complex design.

Would you recommend Buckland to architects or other contractors?

Yes. That’s an easy one! They are thorough, self-sufficient and always helpful with our questions.

northam farm holiday park weston super mare tarnhow timber canopy 06
northam farm holiday park weston super mare tarnhow timber canopy 04
northam farm holiday park weston super mare tarnhow timber canopy 03
northam farm holiday park weston super mare tarnhow timber canopy 05

Much of the groundwork is done at the early stages of a project so we’re always on hand to be a sounding board for you about whether or how something might work.

If you’re working on a project and would value some expert input on complex projects and designs do give us a call and partner with us.

Just like with Able Canopies Ltd… we’ll have it covered.