Fabrication services

We supply much of our glulam as part of a pre- fabricated structure, with all carpentry work completed in our workshop. Any steelwork required can be supplied with the glulam and can be fitted in our workshop where appropriate. Steelwork can be supplied painted, galvanised or stainless.

There are large range of connections that can be used for glulam, including;

  • Slotted plate, bolted connections- often best when loads are relatively high and the structure is to be supplied as a kit of parts to be assembled on site.
  • Slotted plate connections with steel dowels instead of bolts- we use this type of connection when the steelwork can be fitted in our workshops. The steel dowels are hammered into holes which are drilled through the timber and steel plate simultaneously- this means that there is very little potential for movement in the joint. The holes can be plugged with timber plugs so that no steelwork is visible.
  • Screwed connections- connections can be designed using large structural wood screws- this is a good cost effective option for connections involving lower forces. Screwed connections can also be good visually when there is a need to have no joist hangers or other steelwork visible.
  • Resin fixed anchor joints are another aesthetically pleasing and cost effective method of jointing glulam
  • Many other off the shelf or bespoke solutions are available and we are always happy to discuss the solutions available for you project.