Standards of manufacture and certification

Our glulam and production plant are being certified by BMTRADA who carry out strength testing on our glulam and on-going audits of the production plant. The production of glulam is to EN14080 and all standard beams are CE-marked.

The factors to be controlled during the production of glulam include;

  • Strength of the purchased timber, whether pre-graded or visually graded in-house
  • Moisture content of the timber
  • Temperature and humidity in the plant during production, the curing chamber whilst glue sets and in the timber storage area at all times.
  • Strength of glue lines and finger joints
  • Age and storage conditions of the glue
  • Mix proportions of the glue

All these factors are controlled and recorded. Records kept in the factory detail all the manufacturing conditions under which each beam was manufactured.