Glulam Straight Beams

Just like curved glulam beams, our straight beams are manufactured by applying glue to a collection of timber laminates, then clamping the laminates across an assembly of steel frames. We also supply smaller sized glue-laminated beams from stock sized imported timber.

All of our non-standard sized beams are bespoke. Straight beams can be manufactured from a range of different timbers and treated with stain, varnish, oil, and where necessary, treated with a fire retardant.

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  • We can manufacture straight beams in a variety of species and sizes up to 235mm x 1600mm x 25m.
  • Straight spruce beams are predominantly imported from Germany, with regular loads received, this service is provided on a four to five week lead time.
  • Beams required on a shorter lead time are manufactured in house, a two-day lead time is possible.
  • Straight beams are manufactured in house using Redwood and Larch (Siberian and UK grown). Other timber species are available, including Douglas Fir, Oak, Ash, Sweet Chestnut and others on request.

Standard sizes for spruce, redwood and larch beams are shown below.

Click here for more technical information on species, strength grades, span tables, visual grades and connections details.

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Oak - end grain

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Spruce beam size table
Redwood beam size table
Siberian Larch, UK Larch, Douglas Fir beam size table

Work in progress

The swimming pool at St John’s school in Leatherhead adopts a straight structural glulam framework topped with a glulam roof system. The completed project is a combination of over a hundred different glulam components (not including the metal tie system, nuts, bolts, screws and washers) that all work together to frame the structure and keep it in place. The glulam was left exposed as part of the interior aesthetic of the space providing a warm, natural resonance for the students and staff to both occupy and enjoy.

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