London Design Festival – Talk to me



Over the years we have had a number of very tiny commissions and some giant ones, but up until last month no actual giants! Yet, in early July we were contacted by Steuart Padwick (the award-winning furniture designer) to discuss our involvement in the ‘talk to me’ initiative – a project raising awareness to mental health issues across the UK.

We worked with Steuart to develop his design into two, glulam sculptures measuring over six metres tall. Once completed these were installed outside King’s Cross Station as part of Design Junction in support of the charity ‘Time to Change’ encouraging Londoners to talk about mental health.

As passers-by approach these interactive giant wooden figures, a proximity sensor is triggered, and they begin to voice poignant and uplifting words. These conversations start to crack the ‘burden’ to release a glowing light.

Talk to Me, is a hopeful piece, reminding us that through communication with one another, the weight so many of us carry, can be lessened. The sculptures are manufactured from glue-laminated Douglas Fir, the material helps to convey warmth and humanity in stark contrast to the strict rectilinear shapes of their structure the blocks they carry.

The spoken words were written by notable poets, writers, actors and mental health ambassadors including, Rachel Joyce, Barney Norris, Olly Todd, Elliot Barnes-Worrell, Kirsten Irving and Errol McGlashan (Uncle Errol).

“We know that being open about mental health, and being ready to talk and to listen, can change lives. We’re thrilled to be supporting ‘Talk to Me’, which will act as a gigantic reminder of the power of hearing and being heard. You don’t have to be an expert to talk – just being human, empathetic and caring is enough” – Jo Loughran. Director: Time to Change.

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