Our Woodlands

With the founding members of Buckland Timber’s long association with forestry in the South-West of England comes a true appreciation of the value of our woodland resource. We are fully committed to maintaining our woodlands for future generations and work to seek a balance between the provision of wildlife habitats, amenity spaces and the sustainable harvesting of high quality timber.

Embodied Energy

Timber is the most environmentally friendly building material available. The amount of energy required to manufacture a glulam beam is 5-6 times less than a steel or concrete beam of equivalent strength. Solid sawn timber (i.e. not laminated) has the lowest energy requirements of all and we can source solid timber sections when this is more suitable.

Promoting Local Timber

We aim to showcase what can be done with local timber and to increase its use in high value products such as glulam. High quality timber is available in the South West and we believe this is an undervalued resource. While there are some benefits in reduced haulage for local timber, we see a wider potential benefit in helping to increase the market share for timber as a sustainable building material.